Improve skills, make friends and build confidence.

Theatre is a crucial element in the development of young minds. It allows students to experiment and challenge themselves in an environment that is not readily available in their core academic classes. The programs we offer are designed to be an outlet to improve skills, make friends, and find successes. As the director of the school, my personal goal is to create a non-threatening, inviting atmosphere that reduces student inhibitions and peer tensions in which students will always feel welcome. Students will be encouraged to engage in all of the learning opportunities, take appropriate risks and to focus on developing their personal performance techniques.

Brampton Music Theatre's goal is to work toward fostering an appreciation of theatre as a means to build self confidence and achievement in public speaking situations. The majority of students will not become professional actors - however, the program will lead them to recognize drama as a viable art form that offers a wide variety of transferable skills. Life is our constant stage.


Brampton offers one campus for our educational program at St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School in Brampton. If your child wants to participate in singing/dancing and performing on stage, then our program is for you.


Program Details: 11 weeks of music/dance/drama classes (60 minutes each)instructed by qualified teachers, and 1 ticket to see a mainstage production at the Rose Theatre. All included in a $200 package. The classes take place at St. Thomas Aquinas school from 9:20 am to 12:45 pm on Saturday mornings on the dates listed below. Children from the ages of 6 -17 are welcome. We are affordable arts education!

Musically yours,

Sharon Vandrish

B. Mus, B. Ed


Spring Season registration is now open.

There will be no physical in person registration. All registrations must be done ONLINE only.

New Dates Coming Soon

PLEASE NOTE FEES ARE $200/session. $205 if paying by credit card.


To register electronically, and etransfer fees, please send fill out the only form and pay fees online here or email money to  to

The program is designed for youth between 6 - 17 years of age.


For additional information on the program or registration, please email us at

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We are very proud to announce that as of this year, we now offer Scholarships to our deserving students. As a teaching facility, we believe in helping our youth grow and succeed. We offer two types of scholarships: Rising Star (for current Youth Troupe members) & Shining Star (aging out members). It's purpose is to recognize those who show potential and determination, and to assist them in their future musical education.  


If you are interested in any of our scholarships, please download, review and submit to

Brampton Music Theatre would like to congratulate our 2 Scholarship recipients for the 2020/2021 year:


Rhys Wark and Madison Heathfield - Youth Troupe Shining Star Recipients

Shining Star Application

Rising Star Application