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As a part of the Brampton community, BMT works very hard to create great entertainment in a meaningful, memorable way. With success for over fifty years, our non profit company thanks all of members, sponsors and countless volunteers who have contributed in any way possible. We couldn't have done it without you. 


By becoming a sponsor or volunteer, you are not just supporting quality musical theatre, you are helping to keep the bonds, experience and future of BMT alive. It is also a great source for you and your business to use our established audience base to increase awareness of your organization.


If you would like to become a sponsor, here is what we offer: 

Production Sponsor $2,500

- Lead sponsor of the production.
- Lobby signage for all performances, recognition on inside front cover of program

(or program insert if front cover is pre-sold).


Performance Sponsor $1000

- Sponsor of one performance.

- Lobby signage /booth for select performances

- Included in program listing of sponsors.


Musician Sponsor $250

- In the program.

Other sponsorship and promotion opportunities

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any other ideas for sponsorship that

we can consider to promote your business or activity.




All sponsors will receive acknowledgement via advertising program 


Volunteering is another way to be involved with BMT. Even if being centre stage isn't your forté. Whether you enjoy: 


- Stage Managing

- Costumes

- Set Design (and build)

- Properties or Set Dressing

- Photography or Graphic Design

- Artistic Directing

- Music Directing

- Choreography 

- Marketing

- Assistant AD/MD or Choreo


Then we want you! Just email us at and we'll help

to get you started. 

Members/Board of Directors

Julie Vandrish | Austin Ferenzci | Meghan Praught |Joe Gomes | Lyn MacLeod | Alicia Nyenhuis | Sharon Vandrish

Members at large:   | Suzanne Flemming, Kendra Frey


Brampton Music Theatre
P.O. Box 30114 Countryside
Brampton, Ontario
L6R 0S9

*mailing address

Youth Troupe Education Program (Saturday Classes)
St Thomas Aquinas S. S.

25 Corporation Dr,

Brampton, ON

L6S 6A2

Performance Locations (Youth Troupe)

Lester B Pearson Theatre

150 Central Park Dr,

Brampton, ON

L6T 1B4

Rose Theatre  (Main Stage)

1 Theatre Ln,

Brampton, ON

L6V 0A3

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