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If you're a teacher and want the latest updates in theatre for your class, then this is the place for you!

Teacher's Corner

Here you will find current news on our upcoming productions as well as all of the information you need to bring the theatre into your classroom. 



Brampton Music Theatre is committed to the arts and arts education.

Our Saturday mornings Youth Troupe classes take place at St. Thomas Aquinas for interactive theatre, music and dance lessons. BMT strongly believes that a child's development is influenced by their resources and ability to express and explore creatively. This includes activity within social and family parameters, but also within classroom fundamentals. Here in the teacher's corner, we make it easy for any educator to bring this element into their student's education experience. 


But wait, There's more!

Just for signing up with our mailing list, you will get one complimentary ticket to an upcoming BMT production of your choice.


Simply email your current school, role and OTC # as proof you are an educator and we will arrange for your complimentary ticket pick up.

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