Arts Alive Festival

Brampton Music Theatre is thrilled to be presenting our Arts Alive Festival in celebration of local and professional artists at the Rose Theatre in Brampton from August 24-26. The festival will feature talent from Broadway, internationally acclaimed singers, extraordinary jazz performers and dancers all coming together to celebrate Arts Alive Festival.


Professional artist will join hands with Brampton Music Theatre, The Jazz Mechanics, The Brampton Concert Band, Peel Choral Society and The Rose Orchestra, featuring Carol Welsman, Katie Travis, Syndee Winters, Alvin Crawford, Jean Stilwell, Leslie Ann Bradley and Richard Margison.

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Members/Board of Directors

Julie Vandrish | Austin Ferenzci | Meghan Praught |Joe Gomes | Lyn MacLeod | Alicia Nyenhuis | Sharon Vandrish

Members at large:   | Suzanne Flemming, Kendra Frey


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