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Beginning in 1963, a group of local residents came together with the same vision to learn, grow and share their talents. With over 50 years in the making, Brampton Music Theatre contiues to expand, keeping the vision alive. Today, BMT has produced an excess of 100 shows with our Mainstage and Youth Troupe members.


Every year BMT presents two Mainstage and two Youth Troupe productions. As a teaching facility, we also offer six unique educational programs for youth aged 6-17. These programs run through the Fall and Spring for kids interested in the performing arts.


At BMT, we believe that everyone has something special to contribute with our company. Whether your interest is on or off stage, experienced or not, everyone has a place. Sign up today, and be a part of our award winning group! 


Great place for theatre and
being part of a community and
doing what you love.

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