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Les Misérables


Best Supporting Male - Joe Gomes as "M. Thenardier"

Best Musical Director - Sharon Vandrish

Best Production - Grace Gauvin & Jeff Jacobs


ACTCO Nominations:

Best Director - John Thomas   |   Best Set Design - Brad Bryson   |   Best Costumes - Grace Gauvin  

Best Pairing - Malakai Fox (Jean Valjean) and John De Pinto (Javert) 

Fantine's Death
On the Barricades
Castle on a Cloud
Saphire Demitro as
Master of the House
Lucas Almeida as
Andria Angelosante
Malakai Fox & Carina Cautillo
Do you hear the people Sing?
After the war
Do you hear the people Sing?
Joe Gomes & Gloria Buchert as
Bring Him Home
On the Barricades
The Docks
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