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Unfortunately, due to COVID19, BMT lost 100% of its revenue for 2020. All tickets sold for Joseph (approaching $100,000 ) were returned to patrons. All tickets sold for Aladdin were returned to patrons, and all the youth troupe registrations were returned to parents asking. This resulted in all projected revenue for 2020 being unavailable. This, combined with the loss of Bingo revenue, meant BMT had to quickly pivot on potential source of revenue. Our choice was to begin a 50/50 raffle online to weekly raise funds for BMT and as well have a potential option for weekly prizes for those playing. 50% of all tickets sold go to those playing and 50% to BMT.


Catch The Ace proceeds allows for 20% of the weekly ticket sales to be given to a lucky winner, and 30% added to the growing (progressive) jackpot.

This is our only regular means of acquiring revenue to pay for our storage facility and begin to build a nest egg for moving into a new space (when time permits)and prepare to reopen as an organization with funding to support shows in 2021.


You can play at

Help us by playing weekly for as little as $10.  Join the fun, support the arts and win.


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